Art Instructors at the CFA Gallery

Instructor: Linda Armantrout
Medium: Oil
Registration:Call (303) 664-0086 or email
Class Locations:bullet (1K) Armantrout Studio
bullet (1K) Creative Framing Art Gallery
bullet (1K) Online
Materials: A list will be provided upon registration

Linda Armantrout teaches Basic Design 1: Relationships within the Frame and Basic Design 2:Color Theory

"Each time I teach this material, I understand it on a deeper level. I realize now that when I received the lessons from Edith Niblo,, she was absolutely current. She shared the most forward teachings of great teachers like Hans Hofmann. Hofmann taught about "push/pull" and the principles of organizing space that could lead either to Abstract Expressionism or figurative art.

Most importantly, this material will lead you to find your own path as an artist. It is an honor to pass along Edith's basic philosophy of art and life. Your art process and your spiritual process are intertwined. As you work your way through the lessons, you will understand how you can use the elements and apply the principles of design to make strong personal visual statements.'

Instructor: Vickey Swenson
Medium: Watercolor
Registration:Call (303) 444-1525 or email
Class Locations:bullet (1K) Vickey Swenson Studio
bullet (1K) Creative Framing Art Gallery
Materials: A list will be provided upon registration

Finding your Joy through Watercolor!

Watercolor offers a unique and exciting experience. Colors glow, drip, run, blend and create visual texture unlike any other medium. And, yes, in some ways, it may even have a mind of its own.

As a signature member of the Colorado Watercolor Society, and having owned and curated Creations Art & Gifts in Louisville, Vickey Swenson offers a somewhat unique perspective in supporting the passions of local artists.

Plus, as Vickey describes it: "Presenting the ins and outs of working with watercolor in support of your vision, brings joy and meaning to my life."

So please come and join us ... and perhaps you'll find your voice through watercolor.

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